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Institutes and Centers 2016-09-26

                          University--level Research Institutions of ZYUFL

List of University--level Research Institutions of ZYUFL

Office of Scientific Research Affairs

Center of Private Higher Education Research

Wenmei Shi

College of Network and Communication

Center for Public Opinion Research

Haixiang He

College of Chinese Language and Culture

Innovation Center for  Chinese-Foreign Culture Communication and Exchange

Wenbin Zhu

College of Chinese Language and Culture

Research Center for Yu the Great and Chinese Traditional Culture

Jiasi  Liu

International School of Hospitality Management

Center for Hospitality Management Research

Georges Ubbelohde

College of Oriental Languages

 Center for Eastern Asian Culture Research

Zongjie Wang



             College-level Research Institutions of ZYUFL



Person in Charge

College of English

Institute of English Language & Literature

Yu Zhonggen

College of Euro-Languages

Francophone Language & Culture Research Center

Ge Jinling

Center of Language & Literature Research of German-speaking Countries

Zhang Jie

Center of Language & Literature Research of Russian-speaking Countries

Wu Yanqiu

Center of Latin American Region & Countries Research

Zhang Yijiang

Center of Italy Research

 Zhang Mi

College of Orient Languages

Center of East Asian Geographical Relationship Research

Wang Zongjie

College of Chinese Language& Culture

Institute of East Zhejiang Poetry in the Tang Dynasty of China

 Wang Chuanfei

Institute of  Chinese Classics & Culture

Yang Fuquan

Institute of Chinese Second Language Acquisition

Jiang Xinglu

Institute of Drama & Film Culture

Pan Haijun

Institute of Secretary Science & Writing

Ding Xiaoyang

College of Internet Communication

Institute of Internet Communication & Social Development

Yang Jing

Institute of Journalism

Fu Songju

Institute of Communication

Li Wei

Institute of Data-driving & Visualized News

Zhu Jinhua

College of International Business

Institute of Strategic Planning on Economic Social Development

Ren Jianhua

Institute of Cross-border E-commerce

He Wu

Institute of Industry & Trade

Fu Dayuan

Institute of Middle, Small & Micro-sized Enterprise

Wu Jiesheng

Institute of Regional Economy

Jin Xinghua

Institute of Data Analysis & Business Decision

Chen Shouyu

Institute of Enterprise Value Management

Zhou Tianhua

Institute of East Asian Economic Management

Yan Guanghao

International School of Hospitality Management

Institute of Hospitality Management

He Jianming

International School

Institute of International Education Culture

Wang Jing

College of Adult Education

Institute of  Adult & Continuing Education

Wu Anying

Department of Ideological & Political Education

Institute of  Chinese & Western Philosophy

Jiao Yingying

Institute of Marxism Sinicization

Wang Yongle

Institute of Ideological Education in Chinese Private Higher Education

Yu Ming

College Foreign Language Department

Institute of English Testing 

Qi Hongbo

Institute  of College English Education

Zhang Ming

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