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Key Disciplines 2016-09-26




Research Direction



key discipline

Foreign Language and Literature



English for Special Purposes

Translation and Interpreting



key discipline

French Language and Literature

French Literature

Translation Theory and Practice

Translation of Classical French Literature

French Linguistics and Teaching Methodology

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics 

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Cross-cultural Communication and Foreign Language Teaching

Translation Studies

Foreign Language for Special Purposes

Corpus Linguistics and Its Application



key discipline

Chinese Language and Literature 

Literary Theory and Writing Research

The Study of Chinese Literature and Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature

The Ancient Chinese Literature and Culture Study

Chinese Second Language Acquisition and Intercultural Communication Research

Culture Study in Anthology of Chinese Masterpieces

Applied Economics  

Creative and Cultural Industries Management

Industrial Structural Adjustment and Upgrading

Financial Innovation and Development

Regional Economic and Enterprise Development

International Trade Theory and Practice

English Language and Literature

Cross-cultural Communication and English Teaching

Language Abrasion and Education Technology

Culture and Translation

Discourse and Translation

Japanese Language and Literature 

Japanese Literature and Culture

Japanese Corpus Study and Its Application

Japanese Linguistics and Its Application

Japanese Teaching Theory and Practice

Translation between Japanese and Chinese


Discipline specially supported by the University

Business Administration       

Enterprise Marketing and Operation

Enterprise Value Chain Cooperation and Sustained Growth

Enterprise Financing and Financial Management

Development and Management of Enterprise Human Resources

Enterprise Government Service and Policy Direction

Journalism and Communication     

Communication and Social Development

Network Communication Theory

Research on Network Public Opinion

Research on Data News and Visualization

Digital Communication Art

Network News Practice

Ideological and Political Education   

The Spreading of Marxism with Chinese Characteristics in the World

Study of the Historical Process of Marxism in China

The Theory and Practice of Marxist Law

The Theory and Practice of Marxist Psychology

Asian-African Languages and Literatures   

Korean Language Research

Research on Korean Language Application

Comparative Study of Chinese and Korean Literature

Contrastive Study of Chinese-Korean Translation

Russian Language and Literature 

Study of Russian Linguistics and Pedagogy

Russian Literature

Translation Theory Study

Research on Russia

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